DNV’s Rig Owners’ Committee Names New Chairman

DNV’s Rig Owners’ Committee Names New Chairman

Terry Loftis, Director of Engineering of Transocean, has been appointed as the Chairman of DNV’s Rig Owners’ Committee.

Terry Loftis, a veteran of the industry and the Director of Engineering of Transocean, has been appointed as the new Chairman of DNV’s prestigious Rig Owners’ Committee. The members of the Rig Owners’ Committee represent owners and managers of Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs) and Floating Production Units. The objective of the committee is to provide an active forum for the industry to share and discuss current and future developments in technology, practices and support initiatives that will benefit the industry. The functions of the committee also include providing industry’s input to DNV’s current and future activities including DNV’s innovation programs, industry initiatives and rulemaking process. While DNV updates the industry in the committees meetings held annually at Houston, Aberdeen and UAE on its activities, the committee typically offers feedback on the quality and scope of DNV’s services related to floating drilling and production units.

Loftis, as Director of Engineering for Transocean, oversees the company’s engineering services and supports upgrade and major repair projects and new construction of ultra-modern high specification drilling units. Loftis has been actively engaged with Transocean’s engineering development efforts and newbuild design program for the past decade.

Loftis’ technical involvement with MODUs began as an independent consultant for Transocean in the design and construction of semi-submersible drilling rigs in the mid-80s and he joined Transocean in 1997. After being actively involved in the design and construction of several ultra deepwater drillships in Korea, he returned to Houston to lead the DP & Controls group within Transocean Engineering until he was appointed to the current position as Director of Engineering.

Loftis received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Houston and has continually enjoyed living and working within the Houston community. He remains active within the Marine Technology Society, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and currently serves as vice-chairman for IADC’s Advanced Rig Technology Committee.

Press Release, April 17, 2013