Hertel Continues Positive Growth in 2011

Hertel Continues Positive Growth in 2011

In 2010, the Hertel team at the ExxonMobil refinery in Rotterdam achieved top marks for complying with the company’s stringent safety standards.

This positive trend has continued into 2011, with Hertel scoring a 10 for safety in March, April, May and June – reason enough for ExxonMobil to present their All Green Award to Hertel.

I am very proud of our team,” explained William van Dijk, Hertel’s Project Manager. “We work solidly in an efficient and above all safe manner to ensure that the client is satisfied. We comply with the rules and assist the client in all aspects. What’s more, everywhere that we go on the Esso site, we aim to set an example.”

Maaten den Hertog, Site Maintenance Manager at ExxonMobil, is the first point of contact for Hertel with regard to safety. “Each month, the site supervisors get a scorecard with requirements that employees must comply with. This ranges from reporting ‘near-misses’ to the correct usage of PPE and holding toolbox meetings,” explains Maarten.

Each section that is complied with effectively is marked green. If something is not in order, it is marked yellow, and if that happens too often, it will be marked red on the report.

It is a real challenge to ensure that everything on one card remains green each month.

 William van Dijk adds: “We continuously focus on safety by holding toolbox meetings every day. We really enter into discussions with one another, and I ensure points are repeated, as that is also important.

We have a real group of experts here, with a lot of knowledge and experience. That is something that is also reflected in safety and quality.”

We’ve been noticing a clear upward trend from Hertel. That is structural.” concludes Maaten den Hertog.

It’s the top priority at ExxonMobil to prevent incidents and ensure work is carried out safely. For this reason, Hertel’s employees are being acknowledged. They take care of all improvements themselves and that’s why they’re now being presented with the All Green Award.”

Offshore Nieuws Staff , November 22, 2011; Image: hertel