Jumbo Shipping Donates Its Award to Ronald McDonald House

Jumbo Shipping Donates Its Award to Ronald McDonald House

In 2011 Jumbo Shipping successfully completed its scope of work as awarded by client Technip for the ASENG field located off the coast of Equatorial Guinea in West Africa. This field is to be developed as a standalone turret moored FPSO with subsea production, water injection and gas injection wells at 5 locations.

Jumbo’s scope of work for this project consisted of transporting offshore equipment, such as reels (umbilical and flexible lines), manifolds and mudmats from Galveston, USA and Le Trait, France to the ASENG field. The equipment was handed over to Technip’s installation vessel ‘Deep Pioneer’.

For this project Jumbo deployed two vessels: Fairlift and Stellanova. The diversity of cargoes, operational requirements and their associated risks were identified during Hazard Identification procedures (HAZID’s). Careful preparation, pro-active crews and the vessels themselves were important contributing factors in the success of the project. This was noted by the clients’ project manager, who praised Jumbo’s “excellent HSE performances and good HSE climate on board the vessels”.

 Safety Incentive Scheme

In accordance with Technip’s Project Safety Incentive Scheme, Jumbo was awarded $ 5,000.-, designated for “a worthy cause”. Jumbo Shipping joined this initiative, making a total of $ 10,000.-. The award shows the positive impact of Jumbo’s ongoing safety campaign ‘Stay Well’ which main goal is to increase safety awareness and incident prevention at all times. All ship crews and office staff follow courses at regular intervals at Jumbo’s head office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

 Ronald McDonald House

Jumbo donated the amount to Ronald McDonald House in Rotterdam. This house offers a home close to the hospital or rehabilitation centre to parents, sisters or brothers of children who are ill or disabled. The family can stay in the Ronald McDonald house during the treatment of the child to be able to be close by. This gives the family and the child a save feeling. In December a cheque was formally handed over by Mr Laurens Govers, Head of Jumbo’s Commercial Dept. and Ms Stephanie Datema, Communications Dept., to one of Ronald McDonalds representatives, Ms Monique de Bree.

Offshore Nieuws Staff  , January 4, 2012; Image:  jumbo shipping


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