Langlee Wave Power Develops New Mooring System

Langlee Wave Power Develops New Mooring System22

Norwegian outfit Langlee Wave Power has developed a new mooring system based on technology used in fish farms.

The company hopes to use the system to drive down supply chain costs for its 50kW E1 Wave Energy Converter.

Langlee founder Julius Espedal said: “Fish farming has a 30 year track record with similar components that we can adapt for wave energy.”

The company said the mooring system is easily installed and designed to withstand a 100 year wave.

The new mooring system also allows the units to be closer together making them more stable in a surge and provides an increase in power efficiency, Langlee said.

The company said the system will additionally allow the use of off the shelf electrical cable used in fish farming, rather than a bespoke design that would cost more and take longer to deliver.


Source: renews, September 29, 2011; Image: Langlee Wave Power