New Simrad Pro AP70 and AP80 Autopilot Systems by Holland Nautics

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New Simrad Pro AP70 and AP80 Autopilot Systems by Holland Nautics

Autopilot will never be the same again, thanks to the launch of the Simrad Pro AP70 and AP80 Autopilot Systems. The IMO compliant, adaptive heading control systems provide complete heading and course control for a wide range of vessels.

The Simrad Pro AP70 and AP80 raise the bar yet again for autopilot systems, as we have done with all our Autopilot Systems since the introduction of the AP1 almost sixty years ago,” says Tim Ryder, Director Simrad Pro Professional Market. “They adapt to the environment such as wind and wave conditions, and boast a completely new and unique, colour user interface with intuitive graphics. In addition there are six independent work profile settings to quickly enable the autopilot to complete a new operation like slow speed maneuvering, net hauling, and helicopter pick up.”

Both the type-approved AP70 and AP80 feature adaptive software, dynamic positioning system interface, networking with NMEA 2000® cabling, one normal mode and five special user configurable work modes, triple support of independent rudders and multiple thrusters (AP70 supports a combination of 3 rudder and thrusters, and the AP80 a total of 6).

The modular system is very user friendly, as it is easy to install and simple to operate. All Simrad Pro AP70 and AP80 Autopilot System configurations are sold with a full two-year warranty that is supported by an extensive global service network.

Our Autopilots are the most reliable heading control systems on the market, proven by the thousands of Simrad Autopilots that are in service today. Ship owners will experience the day-to-day benefits of lower operating costs and reduced risk provided by our cutting edge technology,’ states Ryder. “To be frank, there is no other steering system that can boast the same performance, ease of installation, durability and versatility.”

The Simrad Pro AP70 and AP80 feature support of multiple rudder and thruster configurations and are suitable for use onboard a variety of vessel types. These include work boats, fishing vessels, patrol vessels, short sea vessels, passenger ferries and super yachts, in both white sea and deep sea applications.

The Simrad Yachting brand has over 60 years of expertise in the maritime and offshore sectors. Both the AP70 and AP80 Autopilot Systems will be available in December 2011.

About Holland Nautic

For almost 40 years, Holland Nautic has been the market leader and foremost expert in the field of navigation and communications equipment. They serve all motor and sailing yacht segments throughout the entire Benelux region, including the leisure, merchant vessel and angling sectors. Holland Nautic supplies and installs equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Simrad and Simrad Pro, B&G, Lowrance, KVH, Tacktick and OceanLED and furthermore offers support for dealers and end users.


Source: Holland Nautic , September, 30.  2011


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