Size does matter: raising the bar in the heavy lift industry

Size does matter talk show; Image by Offshore Energy
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The heavy-lift sector is essential in the offshore energy industry. This industry is pushing the limit on a daily basis. What does it take to move these unimaginable weights?

Wouter van den Bos, CEO of SDC Verifier, Rene Nijhuis, Global Accountmanager at Roll Group, and Matthieu Moerman, Head of Marine Projects at SAL Heavylift talk about raising the bar in the heavy lift industry under the guidance of moderator Robert Plat, Principal Consultant Offshore at Royal IHC.

The talk show participants looked at different market trends as well as innovating and entering new markets as part of the energy transition.

Matthieu Moeerman gives some final comments on the topic at the Energy Plaza, sharing views on what is the sector’s next big thing.

“Think out of the box before you start building a new vessel. Look at the current market and examine if you really used your assets to their fullest potential. Over the last few years, we have seen that a lot of vessels entered the market and we are still struggling with the supply of those vessels. Think before you build,” he said.

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