Specialist Subsea Services Gets Positioning Rig Contract by Shell

Specialist Subsea Services Gets Positioning Rig Contract by Shell

Aberdeen-based Specialist Subsea Services (S³), a provider of ROV, survey and vessel services to the international energy industry, has been awarded a major rig positioning contract by Shell.

The three year contract covers Shell’s four entities in Europe; Shell UK Ltd, Nederlandse Aardolie Mattshappij BV, A/S Norske Shell and Shell E&P Ireland.

This is the first time that S³ has been awarded such a contract by Shell and the company was the only new business to be included in the frame agreement.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, S³’s expertise includes ROV, survey, geotechnical and data management services. Last year it enhanced its UK presence with the acquisition of geosciences consultancy Caledonian Geotech, which is based in Dundee.

Graeme Kidd, managing director at S³, said: “We are delighted that Shell has selected S³ to be one of its preferred contractors to provide the positioning services on board its rigs for the next few years. We have built up an impressive reputation in this sector since the company was established in 2007 and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Shell for several more years. S³ is continually expanding the breadth of its services and expertise, and aims to build on recent success to expand further internationally.

Offshore Nieuws Staff, April 12, 2012; Image : Specialist Subsea Services