TenneT Makes Efforts to Keep Construction of Grid Connections for North Sea Offshore Wind Farms


Transmission system operator TenneT is fulfilling its obligations under German energy law and is making exceptional efforts to connect offshore wind farms in Germany.

TenneT informed the German federal government that the construction of grid connections for offshore wind farms in the North Sea is no longer either possible at the present pace and under current conditions. Recent developments have now underlined the urgency of this warning.

TenneT has been informed by its main contractors that construction work on the platforms BorWin beta (‘BorWin 2’) and HelWin alpha (‘HelWin 1’) will be delayed. As a result, the original terms for the commissioning of these wind farms will probably not be met. TenneT has already informed the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) and the operators and developers of the relevant wind farms. In close collaboration with the suppliers, TenneT aims to make every effort to ensure that the grid connections are completed as quickly as possible.


Offshore Nieuws Staff , November 23, 2011; Image: TenneT