The Netherlands: New Offshore Pile Driving Technology Tested

New Offshore Pile Driving Technology Tested

Fistuca has announced that it had finished a series of successful near-shore piling tests with a 2.2m prototype. Two piles have been driven, a Ø2.2 meter open-ended pile and a Ø0.7 meter closed-ended pile.

Extensive measurements of underwater sound levels and pile driving properties have been performed. The company collaborated with Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects and TNO on this project. More in-depth information on these tests will be presented at the EWEA Offshore in Frankfurt in November 2013.

BLUE Piling Technology (patent pending) is a revolutionary new technology for driving large piles offshore. The technology breaks with the tradition of using larger and larger impact hammers to drive piles offshore but instead utilizes what is abundantly available offshore… water! The technology creates the pile driving energy with a combustion, thereby accelerating a large column of water.

The following video shows the technology at the latest stage of its development:


Press Release, August 29, 2013