Three Global Tech I Foundations on Their Way to Bremerhaven

Three Global Tech I Foundations on Their Way to Bremerhaven, Germany

On May 29, three foundations of the Global Tech I offshore wind farm were picked up by the pontoon “Louis” at the Nordseewerke facilities in Emden and are currently being towed to Bremerhaven.

They belong to the first manufacturing lot of 40 foundations for which the ARGE Tripod Global Tech 1 (consortium of WeserWind WeserWind and Erndtebrücker Eisenwerk) is responsible. Emden-based Nordseewerke had taken over only the assembly work for these three foundations.

The tripods have been stored shortly on the ABC peninsula until they are loaded onto the jack-up vessel INNOVATION for its 14th trip to the construction site.

The project will move forward with the transfer of another three foundations from Nordseewerke facilities.

Press Release, May 30, 2013