Windpark Accommodation Vessels Arrive to Holland Shipyards

This monday Holland Shipyards saw the arrival of the to be windpark accommodation vessels Siluna and Simara, recently aquired by Chevalier Floatels.

These vessels, still ferries now, will be completely modified to serve as an accommodation base in offshore windparks.

With on board facilities such as an Ampelmann heave compansated gangway, DP2 notation, a store crane and crew boat launches, these vessels will be ready for anything circumstances trow at them. With luxury interiors and single cabins, all efforts are made to have guests feel at ease and relaxed.

With this concept Chevalier Floatels aims to intoduce a whole new vision on accommodation in the offshore wind energy market.


Source: holland-shipyardsbv, September 23, 2011; Image: floatels