Amarcon to Provide Wave and Motion Monitoring System for Shuttle Tankers


Amarcon to Provide Wave and Motion Monitoring System for Shuttle Tankers22

One of the leading shipbuilders in the world, Samsung Heavy Industries, has selected Amarcon to provide an integrated Wave and Motion Monitoring System for four new build Shutttle Tankers. The vessels shall be operated by Teekay.

Part of the scope of supply is a wave radar interface module that is able to detect critical wave heights in an early stage. In combination with the OCTOPUS-Onboard functionality a complete center for decision support during weather-sensitive ship operation is realized.

Real-time sea state spectra, including sea and swell parameters like wave height, period and direction shall be clearly presented on the bridge. Amarcon’s OCTOPUS-TMS motion monitoring technology with a three sensor set-up shall be used to measure and log surge, sway, heave, roll, pitch and yaw of the Teekay vessels. With the obtained information, the operating crew has a clear and real-time insight in critical wave conditions and overall motions of the vessel. When operating in harsh and demanding conditions, sloshing within the cargo tanks of the vessels can also be prevented. This has a huge influence on the lifetime of the tanks and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Where Amarcon generally delivers directly to shipping companies, the recent appointment from Samsung is an important and different approach to the market for Amarcon. “Shipping companies are becoming more aware of the overall effect of motion monitoring and decision support solutions on their revenues,” says Amarcon’s managing director Leon Adegeest. He continues: “Nowadays a Shipbuilder tends to build ships on order and that are exactly in line with the order specifications of shipping companies. When looking at the increasing demand for decision support technology, the shipbuilder can acquire an important strategic advantage when offering decision support in the standard delivery specifications of the vessel.

Source:  amarcon, October, 31, 2011