BG Uses GDF Suez’s ‘Siddis Supplier’ for Offshore Operation

BG To Use GDF Suez's 'Siddis Supplier' for Offshore Operation in Norway

GDF SUEZ E&P Norge AS and BG Norge AS have entered into a contract for use of supply vessel in Florø. This was celebrated on board the Siddis Supplier on 30 May.

BG will start drilling operations on the Knarr field in June. During this period, BG will be able to use GDF SUEZ’ supply vessel Siddis Supplier as an additional resource as needed.

When operations on Knarr start up in spring 2014, a plan will be established where BG will have fixed sailing days. The contract also provides the option to purchase space on each others’ trips (co-sailing). With this contract, BG will be able to purchase up to three trips a week with the Siddis Supplier. The agreement also allows for BG to start a fixed sailing pattern with the Siddis Supplier as early as during the drilling period. The contract has a duration of three years from 1 April 2013 and has a value of 140 MNOK.

A good relationship between BG Norge and GDF SUEZ is already established, creating a platform for good cooperation. HSEQ is the single most important factor when entering into such a contract. This is the second major contract between the companies, and again both parties will benefit from making the most of resources in a positive manner. It is rational for both BG Norge and GDF SUEZ to share costs. Yet it is the good relationship that is the cornerstone of these efforts and we must be absolutely confident that the partnership will work throughout the contract duration before it is signed,” says Rolf Pedersen, Logistics Manager, BG Group.

We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with BG Norge. The agreement provides us with a significant reduction in supply costs, and together with the helicopter contract with BG Norge this shows that it is possible for oil companies to collaborate on resource utilisation in logistics. The agreement will also have positive effects on the local community. With supply services provided from Florø, these agreements help maintain a good basis for service providers established in Florø. Shared utilisation of existing resources is a win-win situation for both parties,” says Vibeke Mowatt, Leader Air and Marine Operations in GDF SUEZ.