DOF Receives Extension of Skandi Fjord Contract with Halilburton


DOF has received an extension of Skandi Fjord’s contract with Halliburton until October 2014.

Skandi Fjord is a Well stimulation vessel and has worked for Halliburton since 1985.

DOF was founded in 1981 and is today an international group of companies which owns and operates a modern fleet of offshore-/subsea vessels, and owns engineering capacity to service the subsea market.

The main objectives for DOF are to:

*engage in long-term, industry-related offshore activities.

*further develop their position as a leading supplier of offshore services, with a focus on high quality and cost effective operations.

*achieve their objectives by means of a balanced chartering strategy with emphasis on long-term contract coverage, in order to ensure a conservative risk profile and satisfactory cash flow

*continue to focus on the environment and initiatives towards technical systems for environmentally-friendly vessel concepts.

The DOF group operates within three different segments in relation to strategic types of activities and vessel types. The groups technical diversified fleet consists of innovative vessels specialized for their operational purpose.


Source: DOF, October 4, 2011