Eekels Joins Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind

 Eekels Joins Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind

Eekels (a part of TBI), a company specialised in electrical and mechanical engineering, has joined  Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind (NNOW).

Offshore wind is becoming increasingly important in the production of sustainable energy. This development offers great opportunities for the business sector as there are many companies that are or would like to be active in offshore wind. Eemshaven and Harlingen seaports offer a unique combination of logistical possibilities for companies in the Northern Netherlands.

NOM, Energy Valley and Syntens have therefore taken the initiative to set up Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind (NNOW), a partnership of companies formed to strengthen the (international) standing of Northern Netherlands companies in the production of sustainable energy using offshore wind.

Eekels brings its extensive knowledge and expertise to NNOW, further contributing to the realization of offshore wind projects and a sustainable society. In addition to the exchange of knowledge and shared business support, NNOW focuses on R&D, business development and the training of qualified personnel.

Press Release, May 12, 2013