FG International Holland B.V. Simultaneously Replaces 2 Flare Tips for Total Indonesia

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FG International Holland B.V., the Dutch Special Lifting company, recently has carried out an extraordinary flare tip replacement at Total Indonesia.

Both flare tips to be replaced were identical and in close proximity of each other (219 metres) with the flare stacks standing in a swampy area.

FG accomplished this huge task by working from 2 shallow draft landing craft on which FG fixed its winches. Due to the tidal range there were limited time slots for part of the scope.

FG carried out this flare tip replacement with 2 teams of 4 technicians. The initial proposed time to carry out the flare tip replacement was 5 days, but due to the speed, efficiency and technical knowhow of the FG technicians, the job was completed within 3,5 days, which resulted in 1,5 days increased uptime for Total.

About Total Indonesia:

Total is present in Indonesia through its affiliates, Total E&P Indonesie and PT Total Oil Indonesia, Total has been present in the country since 1968, with operations concentrated in the Offshore Mahakam block in East Kalimantan. Total is the first gas producing operator in Indonesia. Indonesia represented 8% of Total Group’s production in 2009, amounting to 190,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

About FG International Holland B.V.

FG International Holland B.V. is a privately held Dutch company, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Established in 1985. Focus on creating access to high and difficultly accessible locations for inspection works, quality checks, repair, assembly and maintenance works without the use of (floating) cranes, helicopters or scaffolding. These activities are being executed on and in numerous constructions like flares, masts, vent stacks, columns, bridges, tanks, spheres, wind mills, jack-ups, drilling derricks/legs, worldwide, onshore and offshore. Craneless flare tip replacement and Special Lifting activities are the core solutions of FG International Holland BV. Complete flare works include design, newbuilts, erection, inspection, maintenance, flare tip exchange, piping and guy wire replacement.


Source: FG International Holland B.V., September 20, 2011

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