Future of energy transition

The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges of our time. To succeed in this transition we need to invest in renewable technologies, infrastructure projects and, of course, human capital.


Sicco Kamminga, Director of Nortek, Daniel Buhagiar, CEO of FLASC, and Willem van Leeuwen, Project Manager Services at Damen, discuss business opportunities the energy transition has to offer with the guidance of Peter Scheijgrond, Director of MET-support, acting as Moderator.

“The coronavirus pandemic has provided a strong wake-up call to certain industries that, perhaps, haven’t been fully aware of the importance of the green transition. We see that the momentum is really accelerating,” Buhagiar said.

“For us, as a small start-up, developing this innovative device which addresses a big challenge of the energy transition – the mismatch between intermittent supply and consumer demand – we have been receiving quite a lot of interest.”

“As a disruptive startup, having some disruption in the market has been a good thing for us.”

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Willem van Leeuwen, Project Manager Services at Damen also joined our host Eva Brouwer at the Energy Plaza to share insight on energy transition from Damen’s point of view.

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