Offshore Wind Observation Platform Opens in Bremerhaven

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Bremen’s Economic and Harbor Senator Martin Günthner and Mayor of Bremerhaven Melf Grantz today (13th September) opened the new “Offshore Wind Observation Platform” at BLG’s offshore terminal on ABC peninsula in Bremerhaven.

When the planned offshore terminal in Bremerhaven (OTB) is finished, the observation platform will move to a new location. Information boards and a multimedia terminal are set up to provide the details and background to visitors.

Senator Günthner underlined the importance of acceptance of offshore wind energy among people: “Reorganization of our energy supply is not possible without offshore wind energy. With the construction and operation of new wind turbines, the offshore industry significantly contributes to economic growth in Germany. German middle class especially benefits.”

On the observation platform, people can find out more about the offshore wind energy throughout the port infrastructure, installation vessels, the manufacturing companies in Bremerhaven as well as arguments and facts about offshore wind energy as the basis of the energy transition.Offshore Wind Observation Platform Opens in Bremerhaven.


Press Release, September 15, 2013

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