Sea Power Erects 111th Turbine at Anholt OWF

Sea Power Erects 111th Turbine at Anholt OWF

On 19 May 2013, the installation vessel ‘Sea Power‘ erected turbine no. 111 at Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.

Now all turbines are erected at the wind farm, and ahead awaits the job of having all of them delivering electricity to the Danish grid.

The erection of the last turbine marks the end of eight and a half months of intense offshore turbine installation, which due to a tight schedule has happened over the winter when the weather has posed great challenges.

With its 400 MW the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm will be the largest Danish offshore wind farm to date and will thus provide a solid contribution in the transition towards more renewable energy. We are proud that we can contribute to the extension of wind power, not only in Denmark, but also abroad,” said Samuel Leupold, Executive Vice President of DONG Energy Wind Power.

More than 75 wind turbines are already in operation, and send clean electricity into the Danish grid. This corresponds to a total capacity of 270MW , and already at this point, Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark. In 2009, DONG Energy opened Denmark’s then largest offshore wind farm to date – Horns Rev 2 with a total capacity of 209 MW.

Beforehand, we knew that this would be a challenging task. Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is built in an area with very difficult seabed conditions and under a very tight schedule, and despite this, we’ve managed to keep the project on time and budget“, said Flemming Thomsen, Project Director of Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.

The suppliers to this project have delivered a determined effort to make this a success, which we are very pleased with. Although the wind turbine installation is complete, there will still be hectic activity over the summer. We still need to get the last 36 wind turbines in operation, but I’m sure we’ll get the wind farm ready for the official opening on 4 September”.

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is jointly owned by DONG Energy (50%), PensionDanmark (30%) and PKA (20%).

DONG Energy is responsible for the construction and operation of the offshore wind farm.

Press Release, May 20, 2013