The Netherlands: Oxifree Holland Opens New Office in Ijmuiden

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The Netherlands Oxifree Holland Opens New Office in Ijmuiden

Oxifree Holland have recently opened an office in Ijmuiden, the Netherlands, to market the anti-corrosion product “Oxifree”.

Due to increased commercial interest from various clients in the Netherlands, including N.A.M., Clearwater Shipping and Wind Shipping, they have opened the office with a demonstration site attached to enable new clients to see how the polymeric resin is applied and to give training in the art of applying the material.

The Oxifree coating provides a protective shield against all corrosive contaminants and has an active corrosion inhibitor, ensuring effective protection against corrosion. As it is reusable there is no waste and is also ecologically safe. The product was successfully put through the ASTM B117 Sea Salt Spray Test for over 11,600 hours (4 times the industry standard) which is equivalent to 20 years in the field.

The coating is being marketed mainly in the marine and offshore energy sectors where corrosion protection has always been required. The offshore wind industry could also be a suitable application for this product as highlighted by the recent interest from Conbit Engineering. Oxifree already have an ATEX-rated application machine designed for offshore use.

Offshore Nieuws Staff, January 25, 2012; Image: oxifree


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