World’s first gas powered supply ship in operation

World’s first gas powered supply ship in operation The world’s first gas powered supply ship has been put into operation on the Norwegian Shelf. The vessel, which will run on natural gas, is more friendly to the environment than ordinary diesel powered vessels. The emissions of CO2 are less, and there is also a strong reduction of NOX emissions. If the ship had run on diesel, the increased NOX emissions would have been comparable to that of 20,0000 cars, NRK reports. Eidesvik Shipping has signed a 10 year contract for the supply ship with Statoil, and is already considering ordering several more of the gas powered vessels, which will be used to supply the oil platforms in the North Sea. The supply vessel was built at the Kleven Yard in Ulsteinvik, at a cost of NOK 300 million. This is NOK 60 million more than a diesel version would have cost. (NRK)Rolleiv Solholm

Bron: Rolleiv Solholm, 29-04-2003;